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Monday, September 06, 2010

San Pietro

A few months ago in Rome, I saw this:
Column at St. Peter's, Vatican

Now, does that column not seem like a potential Tor Rhuann design?

And so it became:
San Pietro, large version
San Pietro, small version

Facebook fans of Tor Rhuann saw the initial version of this design over a month ago - life has just been busy enough that I hadn't actually finished the models until today. But now San Pietro is officially released!

I tried something a little different, with the blackwork becoming more of an independent element and less of an accent than in my previous designs. I wanted to represent the marbling in the motifs, but wasn't sure whether an overdye would provide enough variance in a small space, so it became a blackwork fill instead. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results, although I'm undecided on whether I prefer the blackwork outline around the fill or with it left off - both have their own appeal. I also made the blackwork motifs of all the same dimension, so they can be interchangeable (or extensible).

With the latency between design and release on this, maybe I should start work on the Christmas ornament now!

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