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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How Belinda got her stitching groove back...

After quitting WoW back in July, I got back into stitching. 129 stitch-hours later (for a total of 159), I've finished Mirabilia's "Madonna of the Garden"
Madonna of the Garden
(Click for larger picture)

She's done on 32ct SMF "Shimmering Hillside", and is actually fairly heavily tweaked. I did color conversions on the blanket, parts of the veil, and the gold ruffle. I swapped out some of the beads, tweaked the halo, and took off the fruit panel at the bottom. This picture really doesn't do it justice - it's quite sparkly in person, and I can't wait to see what my framer will do with her!

Before I pick up another large project on which I track hours, I'm going to do small pieces for a few weeks. I also have set myself a goal of finishing the snowflake afghan by the end of February, and with prime crochet time during the Super Bowl and the Olympics, that should be fairly easy to accomplish.

Also, my latest design, "Peace!", is up over at Tor Rhuann but I haven't finished stitching it myself yet.


Cheryl said...

As i said on The Wagon, I love your changes and think she's stunning! I'm glad you've got your stitching groove back. You always do such beautiful work. :D

Christine said...

She's beautiful, Belinda! Enjoy working on your new projects!

Heather said...

Yaaaay! She's gorgeous! And I can't wait to see what your framers do with her either... :)

Karoline said...

She's gorgeous Belinda, congratulations