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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I can't count...

Nearly 5 years ago, I decided to jump on the 63 Squares Afghan bandwagon.

When I was nearly half done, I discovered there was a sequel pattern, "63 More Crochet Stitches". Combining the two and deciding to drop several, I decided my 63 Squares afghan would be a little larger...121 squares (11x11). Time passed, life happened, and the afghan languished.

Until football season this year, when I picked it back up again. And about 9:30 last night, I can say...it's done!
63+ squares afghan
(Click for larger picture)

And true to form, the afghan has since been claimed:
Afghan with new owner.
At least I won't have to hear "crochet faster, Mommy!" tonight. I think I'll set my hook aside for a bit to let it cool off.

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