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Monday, July 13, 2009

Takeoffs and takeaways (UK 2009, part 1/8)

Hastings, 27 June 2009
As with any trip requiring a transatlantic flight, it has been along day. We had a very early flight leaving Melbourne, with a long layover in Atlanta.

Panda at Zoo Atlanta During our layover we visited Zoo Atlanta, which was quite nice other than the 90 degree heat and humidity. The Zoo had an open aviary with a large flock of budgies that one could feed, and a giant panda exhibit.

We had a good early dinner at a seafood place called Six Feet Under. Their fish was good, and one of their sides was zucchini fries, which were quite tasty. There were also a large number of beers on draft, but I didn't get a chance to try any.

Our flight from Atlanta to Gatwick was mostly uneventful, although we took off an hour late because one of the flight attendants had a medical emergency as we were taxiing to the runway.

When we landed and got underway, we could appreciate the difference from Florida! It's in the 70s with a gentle breeze, and we enjoyed seeing all the trees and rolling hills on the way to Hastings. There were a number of fruit vendors in laybys along the motorways as well as fish'n'chips and other roadside cuisine.
Our hotel in Hastings is an 18th century home that has been converted into a hotel. I can see only by looking at the ceiling that the bathroom was a late addition to the room.

High Beech Hotel, HastingsThe hotel bar has both Guinness and Strongbow on draft, and I hope to avail myself of both during the trip.

We found a nice fish'n'chip shop for lunch - their cod special was tasty. Dinner, after quite a long post-flight nap, was at a takeaway place that had pizza and a variety of less-standard (by American thought) items such as lambchops. Chips are standard fast-food here as well, though.

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