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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life's a beach (UK 2009, part 3/8)

Hastings 29 June 2009
On the beachWe had a bit of a lazy morning while DH was at work, but this afternoon DD and I went down to the shore to spend time on the amusements there. We did a number of rides and games, then wandered down to the water. The beach is rocky, with stones and pebbles instead of sand. (I later learned this is called a shingle beach). The water was cold, but clear, and left only a very fine salt on our legs.

This evening we all went to Porters Wine Bar for dinner with some of DH's coworkers. They had good food, and the company was also quite pleasant.

West Hill, Hastings 30 June 2009
DD and I are having lunch on the patio of a cafe at the top of a hill overlooking Hastings. View from the cliff There is a bit of a seabreeze, but it is quite sunny and warm. It's actually a bit of a heatwave for here, with highs around 26C. The breeze makes it quite tolerable, though.

Before lunch we visited Smuggler's Adventure, an attraction built around old smuggler's caves in the hill overlooking the sea. it was interesting to learn about the area's long history of smuggling, and the hands-on exhibits made it engaging for children. One of the facts we learned is that during the late 1700s, smuggled tea could be sold for 400% profit, and still be cheaper than "legal" taxed tea.

Hastings, beach
After lunch we journeyed back to the beach area, and rode by miniature railway to the Blue Reef Aquarium. Blue Reef Aquarium, Hastings Compared to places such as SeaWorld it was small, but one could get a good view of many types of marine life. We also saw baby starfish and jellyfish, and several pairs of seahorses apparently making more seahorses. For a small aquarium it was well-organized with presented facts in an accessible fashion.

We took the mini-train back and are about to sit down to cream tea. I need to get out of the sun - only a redhead can go to England and get sunburnt!

Dinner tonight was at another pub, Ye Olde Pump House. The food (and beer) were quite tasty - I had a lamb steak and a pint of Guinness (on draft, of course).

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