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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time passes too swiftly

And all too soon, it's almost Lent again. Ash Wednesday is tomorrow, which means I need to decide, quickly, what to do for Lent.

I think as a family we will give up fast food again, where 'fast food' is defined as anything that can be gotten at a drive-thru. This would still allow pizza, and places like Boston Market and Panera. These latter two are pretty much a necessity on nights we have choir practice, since there is not enough time to go home and prepare meals between getting off work and getting to choir, and it would be unfair to make DD wait until 9pm to eat.

Personally, I will give up the snooze button again - I find myself all too dependent on that again. I have also just started Dante's "Paradise", which probably makes for good Lenten reading. And at 33 cantos, even just a canto a day would give me sufficient time to finish it (and complete another item off my 101List)!

I did briefly consider giving up WoW for a bit, but as a member of a regular raid group I'd be putting some folks out to do that for a whole 6 weeks. I could, perhaps, reduce my time on non-raid nights, though, and maybe even give up one or two days a week altogether. It certainly bears thinking about...

In the administrivia department, I have two unguessed song lyrics from my last (long ago) post. The answers are:
6. Where would you rather be? Anywhere, anywhere but here - Rush, "Double Agent"
7. [song title] don't want to lock me up inside - Evanescence, "Lithium"

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