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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tag, I'm it!

I've been tagged on both Facebook and in blogs, so there's no escape! (run awaaaaay!)
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.


  1. My favorite color is blue, with green, purple, black and grey being second-tier favorites. My least favorite color is orange, unless you're talking autumn. Then reds, yellows, and oranges are necessary.
  2. My favorite season is autumn, and I very much miss the changing seasons. My least favorite season is summer.
  3. I like most fruits, but I especially love raspberries. Berries in general are at the top of my fruit preferences. I don't care for watermelon, though.
  4. I don't watch movies very often, and have been rather disinterested in most of the stuff coming out of Hollywood of late. I'm not into chick flicks, modern horror, most modern comedy, or movies that spend all their budget on special effects or a big-name star instead of actually having a plot. I do like Peter Jackson's _Lord of the Rings_ movies, pretty much anything by Pixar, and many older comedies/dramas. I also like a lot of the BBC productions.
  5. I grew up Episcopalian, but spent my late teens and early 20s in kind of a 'seeker' mode before I became Catholic about 6 years ago.
  6. I am a natural redhead (the grey hairs I sprout now should be verification enough that I don't dye). Now, I'm proud of being a redhead. Growing up, I wasn't.
  7. My female ancestors on my distaff line were redheads for several generations back, with the exception of my dark-haired mother.
  8. I'd love for my hair to be down about to my hips. Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen, at least while I live in Florida. It breaks quicker than it grows :(
  9. I have somewhat of a knack for remembering numbers. My family seems to think it uncanny, especially when I can rattle off particular account numbers and other data off the top of my head.
  10. I enjoy most types of music. My strongest preferences are for rock, classical, and Celtic/folk, but will listen to almost anything but gangsta rap or modern country ('classic' country had some decent stuff).
  11. I am an avid reader, and like music I have rather eclectic tastes in this regard. Science fiction/fantasy and historical fiction tend to be perennial favorites. I don't enjoy books on politics, and I am very particular about my nonfiction, however.
  12. I occasionally dabble in writing poetry, but it's been years since I've written anything.
  13. I love to drink both hot tea and coffee, as well as other hot beverages. I will rarely sweeten either one, but I need to have milk or cream in my coffee. Real dairy, not that nasty powdered stuff.
  14. I don't like red roses. I love the scent of roses, and I especially like white, purple, or two-toned, but not red.
  15. I love the smell of herbs, especially rosemary, lavender, and thyme. I've recently restarted an herb garden.
  16. I hate roaches. HATE. Fear, loathing, scream-like-a-schoolgirl-and-stomp-it-into-oblivion hate. Spiders, snakes, other bugs, I'm fine with. But roaches.... *shudder*. Florida has huge roaches...that *fly*.
  17. I also hate the mall. I don't like to shop (except in book or craft stores), and I'm not a fan of crowds, so for me, the mall is one of the outer circles of Hell.
  18. I never have understood the stereotypical female fascination with clothes and/or shoes. I do dress nice for church or special occasions, but most of my wardrobe is fairly basic. And fashionistas and shoe divas may hate them and say they're ugly, but I love my Crocs. Most comfortable shoes I've ever had.
  19. I enjoy singing, but I didn't think I was very good at it. I've been taking voice lessons for about a year, which has done wonders for both my voice and my confidence.
  20. I've been doing some sort of needlecraft since I was about 6 years old. My first piece was this weird 70's colored crewel piece that had a girl with a stove and a broom. Her hair was all orange french-knots.
  21. I started dabbling in cross-stitch design in late 2005, because I had it as a goal on my 101List. That has since blossomed into Tor Rhuann Designs, which I'm very proud of, but I admit I am still surprised at how well my designs have been received. I still can't really think of myself as a 'designer'.
  22. I find it difficult to sit completely idle, and will usually have needlework out while watching TV. My hands have to be busy in some way.
  23. I am very particular about my hands, and wash them rather frequently. It really bothers me when they are sticky or dirty, and even more so when I can't wash them right away. Germ-X is my friend.
  24. I occasionally play computer games, and am currently pretty involved in World of Warcraft. My primary character is a level 80 night elf hunter.
  25. I'm not much given to having crushes on celebrities. Although I will admit I find both Ioan Gruffudd and Sean Bean to be pretty hot.

As for the "tagging others" bit...I'm always way behind on these, so if you want to play along, consider yourself tagged!

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