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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Like last year, I began this year with a finishing. In this case, Just Nan's "Amethyst Snowflake". I changed some of the silk colors (went with a more violet and less red purple pallette), and am very happy with how it turned out:
Just Nan - Amethyst Snowflake
No larger picture at the moment - I resized the original scan and forgot to save to a new file. Ooops....

A new year also means time for new goals. First, a look at last year:
Read 4500 pages
I made this one, barely, finishing Brothers in Arms by Margaret Weis around 9pm last night. All told, I read 11 books totalling 4765 pages, the longest being The Oracle's Queen by Lynn Flewelling at 556 pages, and the shortest Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana by Anne Rice at 242pp. I've had a reading goal every year for the past two decades, so I think I'll retain this goal as-is for next year.

Finish 20 101List items
HAhahahaha...ahem. I managed 4, if I can count Amethyst Snowflake which I just finished earlier today.... Still, I'll carry this over to next year. I start a new 101List in April, so this will be the total completed this year off of both lists.

Walk Rivendell to Lorien (462 miles)
This was a carryover from 2007...I'm stalled out at 220, so the less said about this right now the better.

Why did I fare so poorly? Well, new hobbies (*cough*WorldOfWarcraft*cough*) and new responsibilities (babysitting my grandson on Saturdays after DsD's fiancé shipped out) played a large part. Mostly the hobbies, though. Still, life is meant to be enjoyed, and a number of my goals *were* specifically leisure-time oriented, so I'm not beating myself up over them. I'll just make sure to include WoW in my next 101 List!

So...goals for 2009? I'm going to go with the same, but reset the counters for the pages and items completed. Since Rivendell to Lorien is a measurable goal in itself, I need to count progress toward the goal as a whole, not just progress this year.

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