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Friday, December 12, 2008

Blogging potpourri...

Just a collection of mixed nuts - nothing substantive today.
  • Saw gas for $1.54/gal yesterday. I haven't seen those prices in years...certainly lower than when I was ranting about price-gouging during a hurricane evacuation 4 years ago. And yet, 4 months ago it was pushing $4/gal. Crazy fluctuations...
  • Speaking of gas, my Honda Civic hybrid, Silmarien, is getting around 41mpg, on almost exclusively around-town driving. I love my car.
  • My Christmas shopping is done! Online shopping makes my life so much easier.
  • Choir practice for upcoming Christmas music is showing me how much of a difference my voice lessons are making. I definitely think I'm a more confident (and competent!) singer than I was at this point last year.
  • Despite having gotten myself quite immersed in World of Warcraft (and am enjoying the latest expansion), I am still stitching. I'm hoping to finish Just Nan's "Amethyst Snowflake" before we travel for the holidays, so I can take JN "Christmas Star" with.
  • Speaking of Christmas stitching, I am working on a Christmas ornament for Tor Rhuann. I have a dozen half-formed ideas floating in my head, but none have quite fully materialized yet. I do hope to have something by this weekend, though.
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