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Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

This year I bought a green pumpkin, because I thought it resembled a goblin head. The picture I took will have to wait a bit, because DsD took the camera when she took DD and DGS out trick-or-treating a few minutes ago.

I do have a treat for you all, though - Tor Rhuann has a new design!
Trick or Treat!
(Click for PDF)

I haven't finished mine yet, but when I finished the design on Wednesday night (yes, less than 48 hours ago...) I put out a request for model stitchers. I got *five*, all different and all awesome! They're all credited on the PDF, along with their finished pieces.

DD had a hand in this one as well. The little spider at the bottom? Her idea, and it was such a good one that I ran with it.

Happy Halloween!

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