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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer reading...

Sometimes it just take the right book to get a child really hooked on reading. For my stepson, it was Lloyd Alexander's _Prydain_ series.

For DD, it's _Encyclopedia Brown_. She had to read one Encyclopedia Brown book as part of her summer reading, and she picked up the first one late yesterday evening....

...and fell asleep reading the second one. On the way to daycare this morning she was telling me about some of the mysteries, and compared Brown to Cam Jansen, a more recent child detective. DD read many of the Cam Jansen books for school, and says she likes EB better because "he solves things by thinking about them". DH and I remember Brown fondly from our own childhood reading, so we're glad DD likes him too.

I've ordered her some more.

Speaking of books and favorite childhood series, we saw the latest Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, over the weekend. We very much enjoyed it. While it didn't follow the plot strictly speaking (some plot elements were rearranged from the book), I think it stayed pretty true to the flavor of the book. And like the first movie (and all the LotR movies) the scenery was breathtaking. Well worth a look.

Back to books...what are some of your favorite childhood series?

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