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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Look before you jump...

Lesson #1: When preparing to jump-start someone else's vehicle, it is advisable to know the location of the battery in one's own vehicle.

Now, this may seem intuitively obvious, but some newer model cars (notably the Saturn ION) have the physical battery in the trunk, and a 'positive remote terminal' in the front. Which comes in handy if one is the jump-ee and the Good Samaritan with the live battery assumes a front-located battery.

The 'positive remote' does not work so well if one is the jump-er. Especially if said jump-er does not realize that the 'positive remote' is not the actual battery and tries to hook the negative hook to what she thinks is the negative terminal, but is really some metal piece adjacent to the engine fuse box.

Lesson #2: Driving without power steering in a car that is normally so equipped is rather challenging. Although possibly a good workout for one's arms.

Lesson #3: Software people should not mess with hardware.

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