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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Late again...

Sorry for the delay in posting goal updates - we just got back from Austin, where we went for SIL's wedding. More on that in a later entry - we just got back a couple hours ago. In the meantime, here are goals:
Goals for November:

  • Finish labelling past blog entries - Nothing new here...
  • Sew sash for DD's dress for SIL's wedding - Done!
  • Finish PR Arabesque C (101List #47) - Progress but not done yet
  • Finish story area of Fortunate Traveler - Almost - lettering complete, 1 motif of 5 complete
  • Crochet 10 squares for 63-Squares afghan (101List #59) - Done! 12, actually

Goals for December:

  • Finish labelling past blog entries
  • Finish PR Arabesque C (101List #47)
  • Finish Fortunate Traveler (101List #44)
  • Finish 63-Squares afghan (101List #59)

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