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Friday, November 09, 2007

The eye(let)s have it!

As is typical for the end of the year, things are busy here at Alternate Dementia. But as is also typical, there's not a whole lot that's particularly blogworthy.

I did finish the eyelet border on "Fortunate Traveler". The eyelets alone took me over 10 hours, and the border as a whole, including backstitching, took me 17.
Fortunate Traveler at 185 hours
(Click for larger picture)

I'm up to 185 hours on it, with 300 still seeming like a reasonable estimate for completion. On now to the story area.

I've also stepped up production on the 63 Squares afghan, since as a non-timed project I can work on it during TV-watching. I'm already up to 25 finished squares, when a month ago I only had 9. There's just something about cool weather that brings on the urge to crochet...

And as long as I'm sharing photos, I found this very old one of DD from about 6 years ago, when DsS first got an Xbox.
DD on Xbox
Note the maniacal expression....

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