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Saturday, September 01, 2007

A new look for Autumn...

Observant readers might notice that things look a little different around here. I've finally migrated over to the 'new' Blogger, and it took quite a bit of doing to get things looking close to my old template. I suspect I'll still be shaking bugs out for a while, so pardon any dust you might see.

But on to business. It's the first of the month, which means time for goals!
    Goals for August:
    Carryovers: None!
  • Update blog template (101List #25) - Done!
  • Get to 125 hours on TW Fortunate Traveler (101List #44) - Done! Got to 130, actually.

I did rather well this month, I think, completing both tasks. September might be a little busier.
    Goals for September:
    Carryovers: None!
  • Label past blog entries
  • Get to 150 hours on TW Fortunate Traveler (101List #44)
  • Start wedding present for SIL

My SIL is getting married in November, and I have what I think is the perfect stitchy present. I won't tell what it is yet, though, as my SIL does read my blog occasionally, but I'm excited about the wedding. And not just for the chance to fly out to Austin and get some good Texas barbecue!

Otherwise, things are starting to settle out here at Alternate Dementia. DsS is enjoying his time away at college, and the rest of us are adapting pretty well to the new dynamics (and chore distribution) of being a 3-person household. Work is busy, but busy is good.

In closing, I'll leave you with a progress picture on TW "Fortunate Traveler". What a difference 30 hours makes!
TW Fortunate Traveler at 130 hours
(Click for larger picture)

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