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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mayday! Mayday!

It's May Day, and time for monthly goals...let's see how I did.

Goals for April:
  • Finish AB's website (address feedback)(101List #22) - Layout set, still in discussion on actual colors/images
  • Sew DD's First Communion gown (101List #61) - Done!
  • Finish decluttering horizontal surfaces (101List #10) - Done every surface at least once - I'm now in maintenance mode.
  • Finish and mail PIF designs - I thought I was done, but I need to make and resend one because the post ate it...
  • Progress 60 more miles toward Lorien - Progress, but not that much. I think I'm going to drop the monthly goal part of this, since it's on my 2007 goals list anyway.

Goals for May:
  • Finish AB's website (101List #22)
  • Design Assisi Summer
  • Make 200th workout at Curves
  • Declutter DD's room (101List #5)
  • Finish PR Make A Wish

This past month was a bit hectic, mainly in preparation for DD's big day. This coming month will still be busy - it's the last month of school and that's always schedule-intensive. Even more so with a graduating senior in the mix.

In other thoughts, it occurred to me that I should have titled my previous post You're a Good Man, Alton Brown, but it had been up almost a day when I thought of it and I tend to have a Pilate mentality about blog posts ("What I have written, I have written") except for spelling and grammatical corrections. A brilliant (?) line, too late.

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