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Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend wrapup

DD's big day went rather well! She was very excited, and she looked very lovely in the handmade dress and veil.
DD's big day
One of the gifts we gave her was a rosary, handmade by the talented Karin - about the only way this could have been more handmade was for the silver to be cast! This picture isn't the greatest - the beads are a frosted white.
Rosary with beads made by Karin

In other news, one more of my PIFs has made it to its new owner, Allie.
Allie's PIF
Judging from the comments on my last post, there is interest in my releasing the designs for these. Once my remaining PIFs have arrived at their new homes, I'll put those up.

My Tampa Bay Lightning got eliminated from the NHL playoffs, which is disappointing. But I suppose considering that the one time the Lightning won the Stanley Cup, we had a horrendous hurricane season, perhaps that's for the best.

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