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Friday, April 20, 2007


My apologies for the silence. As usual, life has been busy but for the most part not very noteworthy. For the bits that are noteworthy:
  • DD's big day is this weekend! She's very excited about it.
  • Yesterday I got the newly released The Children of Húrin by JRR Tolkien. I'm quite enjoying it so far - it has somewhat of an epic tone (I can *hear* the tale being told in a great hall in a bardic voice), but is rather easier to read than The Silmarillion.
  • Our family summer outing has been set - in mid-June we're going to go see Rush in concert!
  • Two of my PIFs have arrived at their intended destinations:
    Michelle's PIF
    Natty's PIF
    The little sun went to Michelle, and was the first of my PIF designs. The pink daffodils went to Natty. I had the bright idea of doing mini-biscornus, and I think they turned out pretty neat. I haven't decided yet whether I'll release the designs for these or not. I might, because I'm pretty proud of them.
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