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Monday, April 09, 2007

Cheesy marketing gimmicks

I have a minor pet peeve to share - I hope you will forgive me the rant. Today in and among all the other various and sundry junk arriving via snailmail was a "Free Preview for your child!" thing. Okay, we get various things like this all the time. What torqued me about this one was that inside it says "We'll send this free preview unless you tell us otherwise within 10 days" To tell them otherwise required finding the small slip of paper attached to the bottom of one of the enclosures, with the directions that said slip be remitted to an address. Written in very small print, of course, with no reply envelope enclosed, and no website to visit to opt out online.

And who knows when that "within 10 days" starts? Presumably from the time it left their facility. I've written out a fresh envelope and put the slip in outgoing mail. Although it's admittedly tempting to just do a 'return to sender' on the preview package so the postage is on their nickel....

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