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Thursday, March 01, 2007

In like a lion...

Hard to believe it's March already. 2007 is just flying by, it seems. And since it's the first of the month, it's time to report on last month's goals and make new ones.
Goals for February:
  • Donate books to library (101List #4) - Done!
  • Finish AB's website (101List #22) - I didn't do anything on this, and I really need to.
  • Design Assisi Spring bookmark - Done!
  • Designs for "Pay It Forward" winners (Michelle, Allie, Nicole, Natty, and Jenn L) - Done!
  • Read Eragon - Done!
  • Update blog template (101List #25)- I've started playing a little bit, but as this isn't a high-priority item, I'm going to punt on it until April.
  • Get DD's veil to 12x16 motifs - Some progress. I decided that 14 squares was long enough. It's 13x14 right now.
  • Decide what to do for Lent - Done!
  • Progress 50 miles toward Lorien - Some progress, but I've slowed down to allow DH to catch up the miles he lost due to travel.

Well, I completed some, bombed some, and got most of the way on others. Not bad, but not great. I probably got overambitious.

Goals for March:
  • Finish AB's website (101List #22)
  • Weed out clothing (101List #12)
  • Finish DD's First Communion veil (101List #60)
  • Progress 50 more miles toward Lorien
  • Stitch Assisi Spring
  • Stitch PIF designs

Hopefully this is achievable. I'd ideally like to get to 18x14 motifs on the veil, but whatever is done on it by the last week of March is what's done. All the stitching commitments are pretty small - the big thing is the carryover web development. Feel free to nag me about it until it's done!

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