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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Easy as pi!

In the tradition of any excuse for a party, today (3/14) is Pi Day. And in the tradition of Belinda being rather a bit of a geek, I have a special design release to celebrate.

Presenting....Pi, er, Squared! (Well, pi are round - cornbread are square, as the line goes...)
Pi 1
An Assisi-style Pi, with the first 40 decimal places.
Pi biscornu
A variant pi design. Pi biscornu, anyone?

I'm almost embarrassed to admit I thought of these at about midnight last night, but wasn't sufficiently motivated to get out of bed and boot the computer.

Answers to the lyrics quiz:
1. Meat Loaf, "Everything Louder (Than Everything Else)", Bat Out of Hell II
2. Garbage, "Stupid Girl", Garbage 2.0
3. Great Big Sea, "Stumbling In", Sea of No Cares
4. Stabbing Westward, "Save Yourself", Darkest Days
5. Rush, "Double Agent", Counterparts

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