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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And there was much rejoicing...

As of 8:45 this evening, The Great Decluttering is DONE!

Today's targets:
  • The rest of a bedroom bookcase, which was under siege by dustbunnies
  • The history bookcase, which at one point left me knee-deep in Napoleonics
  • DD's books, which almost felt like betraying old friends as some of DD's favorite, but now outgrown, stories were moved to the donation pile.

    I now have about 10 shopping bags worth of books that need to find new homes. Currently they occupy the table in my Florida room, which needs to be cleaned off this week...I need to start cutting the fabric for a formal dress needed later this month!

    But tonight, I will relax and rejoice, for I have prevailed against the forces of Chaos!

    At least for the moment....
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