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Sunday, October 15, 2006

A touch of autumn...

Lightning, or in this case inspiration, really can strike twice. I have another freebie for my stitching readers!

Since I've been missing autumn leaves, I decided to look for a small design to stitch. Unfortunately, there aren't many small ones with autumn leaves - most autumn freebies seem to include pumpkins. Not that I have anything against pumpkins, but I wanted leaves. So I decided to design my own:
Assisi Autumn bookmark
After sketching it up, I thought about Christine's comment on my Assisi knot and got to wondering how it would look in an overdye. Rummaging in my stash, I found a skein of Gloriana "Fall Foliage", which I think worked rather well for this, and I used several different Petite Treasure Braids to add some sparkle.

I'm so pleased with this that I actually had the brief insane thought of doing an Assisi-style design for all four seasons, and I might if there is interest. Although I really have no clue what I'd do for summer, it being my least favorite season...

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