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Sunday, October 22, 2006

South by Southwest....

Once in a great while I get to travel for business. Tomorrow I'm bound for Albuquerque for the rest of the week - the temperatures should promise to be a nice respite from the heat here, and I'm hoping to perhaps explore some of the hiking trails in the afternoons after work.

Thank you for all the kind comments on my Autumn bookmark. I think I have pretty well been convinced to do up bookmarks for the remaining seasons, and I do have a few ideas knocking about. Hopefully I'll at least get Winter designed and stitched sometime before Christmas!

If any of you stitch any of the bookmarks, I'd LOVE to see your finishes! Shannon has a very lovely one already!

To answer Jennifer's question, I use PatternMaker. DH got this for me a few years ago, and he's thrilled that I'm finally using it. Although if I have too many more ideas, I may need to come up with a name for my design collection....

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