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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Miscellaneous trip thoughts...

There are always moments in every trip that get recounted repeatedly. Yet somehow, a few of these moments didn't make it into my travel journal. Ah, the perils of writing something late at night or the next day...
Other than the "Free airbag test starts here!" bumper sticker and the World Cup Borg, here are a few of the memorable moments!
  • DD was very excited about the widespread prevalence of livestock in the area, and along the road one morning, the following exchange occurred:
    DD: Sheep!
    DsS: Yeah, and cows.
    DD: And dead people!
    Cue collective "WTF??" reactions from the rest of us, until DH noticed the cemetery we'd just passed.

  • In Wales, on the road between Harlech and Dolwyddelan, we passed through a small town called Blaenau Ffestiniog. Since the roads are narrow, traffic is very slow and we were stopped behind a bus. In the back of the bus were a couple of young teenage males, who upon noticing us decided to put newspaper pictures of a pair of amply endowed topless young women up in the back window. Talk about the scenic route!
  • And then there was the ex-magpie. Right outside of the castle at Dolwyddelan, we encounted a rather large pile of feathers. A yard away was another large pile of feathers, and two wings. We're not sure what exactly happened, but the sheep are our prime suspects.

    Other general observations:
  • Folks in the UK were very polite, at least in our experience. This was especially true of people in service positions, who were far more polite than their American counterparts tend to be. In fact, the only rudeness we encountered was a driver in York who called me a somewhat vulgar name for not having finished crossing the street soon enough for his liking.
  • For the most part, I like British food. I especially liked Yorkshire puddings, and gravy (so if any of my dear readers have a good Yorkshire recipe, please email me!). The only thing I had that I didn't much care for was a steak and kidney pie I had at a truck stop between London and Manchester. Just couldn't get past the texture.
  • Hard cider rocks. I need to find where to acquire Woodpecker on this side of the pond...
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