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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Quest for the Holy Grail

To some, this brings to mind a sacred vessel and virtuous knights. To others, the crackpot theories espoused in a recent popular book and film. To still others, visions of empty halves of coconut and unladen swallows.

But right now, the Holy Grail is a yard tall and weighs about 35 pounds, and has been spotted in North Carolina. And on a wet day in Raleigh, the quest may end tonight for the Carolina Hurricanes.

However, I'm pulling for the Oilers, because I don't want the season to be over yet. It's been a great series so far, and I want a game 7!

Sometime in my life, I would love to see the Stanley Cup in person, to be close enough to touch the ultimate goal of many a hockey player.

I wonder how many people in Raleigh are wishing the same thing right now....

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