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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cup thoughts...

Game 7 was last night, and while the team I was hoping would win didn't prevail, it was still a good game, and a good series. Congratulations to the Hurricanes on a well-played series, and their first Stanley Cup! I guess now we'll get to see if DD's "Hurricane Cup == No Florida hurricanes" theory has any merit.

Some random notes:
  • It was a very physical series, but for the most part pretty clean. There were very few on-ice brawls, which in such a hotly-contested series seems a little unusual. But in a good way.
  • I was very impressed with the effort put forth by both teams. Edmonton played very well, especially in games 5 and 6. And to force a game 7 after losing their starting goalie in game 1 required a lot of heart, and a lot of teamwork. And I think if the home ice situation had been reversed, the series would have gone to the Oilers.
  • On the home front, I'm rather impressed with DD. She decided to cheer on the Hurricanes once she learned of their existence during the Conference Finals...despite the fact that the rest of the family was cheering on the Sabres in that series, and the Oilers in this one. I'm proud of my budding Caniac for sticking with her choice. And who knows, maybe the 'Canes Cup will make her into more of a hockey fan!
  • I wish I could ice skate like the players. They make it look so easy...
  • Just once in my life, I want to see and touch the Stanley Cup.

    Now begins (for me, anyway) the long TV sports drought. I'm not interested in baseball or tennis or golf. It's a long wait until college football season!
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