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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stanley the Storm Magnet?

Last night DD watched the Buffalo Sabres-Carolina Hurricanes game with me. I was pulling for the Sabres, but DD decided she wanted the Hurricanes to win.

Why? Because, to her thinking, if the Hurricanes win then maybe we won't get any hurricanes down here this year. If I could convince myself of that, I'd cheer on the 'Canes too!

Although, thinking on it, maybe there is something to it. The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Cup in 2004, and we had one of the worst hurricane seasons in memory. And last year was a doozy as well, while the Bolts were still defending champs because of the strike. So maybe if the Hurricanes win, all the storms will head north. (Not that I'd wish a hurricane on anyone...but I've had my lifetime supply, thankyouverymuch)

But then again, if the Oilers win, maybe the balance of nature will be restored. I doubt there are many hurricanes in Alberta.

On a somewhat related thread, my newly-minted 7-year-old came up with this gem last night:
Q. What do hockey players drink?
A. Skater-ade!

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