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Monday, May 15, 2006

No respect!

Yesterday afternoon, I finished Paw Printings "Butterfly Waltz". I started this when DD got her tonsils out last month, and once it gets back from being framed, it will go in her room.
Paw Printings 'Butterfly Waltz'
I finished this mid-afternoon, about two hours before the hockey games started. I spent most of my TV time working on DD's First Communion veil - I'm up to 11 little squares now, with a long way to go! Good thing I have almost a year...

Anyway, despite my making pretty things for DD, I apparently am a mean mommy for usurping the TV to watch the aforementioned games. Halfway through the second period of the Devils-Hurricanes game, DD presents me with a ticket for the offense of "Hoging [sic] the TV". (Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...) My reaction to said ticket garnered me another one for "Laphing [sic]". Too cute!

Even if Mommy gets no respect.

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