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Monday, April 24, 2006

Built-in obsolescence?

My house is approaching its 12th birthday. Which puts it squarely in the 10-12 year range at which everything starts falling apart.

Last year we replaced the fridge and dishwasher. (And the fence, but that was hurricane-related).

Our A/C compressor has gone out the past three summers, but after a capacitor replacement last August, we figured it could limp along a little longer. Until the air handler had problems last week. We decided we should just go ahead and replace the whole central air system. (How did I ever live before central air??) We got a few estimates in, and decided on one.

Then this weekend, our hot water heater started leaking, and will probably need to be replaced. We also noticed our water softener system is *also* leaking.

When it rains, it pours. (And this is Florida, so that's true in so many ways...)

So we'll fix what needs fixing, and hope to be gone by the next replacement cycle!

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