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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


You Are Curling
What you lack in athleticism, you make up for in concentration.
And while curling isn't much more of a sport than bowling, you *can* win a gold medal for it!

Ah...winter sports. More specifically, the Winter Olympics. I haven't been a terribly avid Olympic watcher over the course of my life. I watched a fair bit of the Lillehammer games, mostly the ice-skating bits, but I don't think I've watched Summer Games in a while, and only bits and pieces of Nagano and Salt Lake Winter Games. But I do fancy myself at least a little bit of a sports fan, and we're in the dry spell between the end of pro football, and the beginning of playoff hockey. Regular NHL games aren't being aired much down here, I'm not into racing, and I only watch basketball during March Madness. So late last week I turned on the Olympics so I'd have something to watch while I stitch. And here are a few random thoughts.

Curling: I'd heard about it before this year's Winter Olympics, but hadn't thought much about it. Okay...one slides rocks across the ice. Big deal. Until I actually *watched* some, and now I'm hooked! It's got skill. It's got strategy. It's something even I could potentially do, and looks like a lot of fun to play. Even if it is ultimately just sliding rocks across ice. I'd love to try it sometime.

Skiing: Another sport that looks like fun. I've been on skis exactly once in my life, and while I enjoyed it, I can tell you the bunny slope looks a lot steeper from the top! At my age, I doubt I'd ever be able to ski well enough to attempt slaloms. I think cross-country may be more up my alley. And ski-jumping and aerials? Um...no way. Those people are Just Not Right In the Head. The concept of falling 200 feet straight down with boards strapped to my feet does not appeal to me, and just forget about trying to do tricks in the air with boards strapped to my feet!

Snowboarding: Ditto, but with a single board. Looks like fun but you won't find *me* on the half-pipe!

Bobsled: This is kind of neat, and something I'd like to try maybe once. Same with skeleton. Not so sure about the luge, though - I'd prefer to see where I'm going!

Speedskating: Running track but on ice. I remember Dan Jansen and Bonnie Blair. Short races, but to me they're not all that entertaining to watch.
Figure Skating, on the other hand, I quite enjoy. Especially the pairs and ice dancing. I most enjoy the ones where the couple on the ice are husband and wife or otherwise romantically involved. - I think the chemistry really adds something. I will admit I was very surprised that Belben and Agosto are not in that category, though. I definitely enjoyed watching them. Plus they had some of the tamer costumes this year - some of the costumes I've seen are just...bizarre. In singles, I didn't watch any of the men's, but caught part of the women's last night.
In general, I find myself cheering for some of the smaller countries here - I was hoping the Lithuanian icedancing couple would medal. I did NOT like the higher-ranked Italian couple - or more specifically, I didn't like Fusar-Poli being so ugly to her partner about their mistake. In women's, I personally would like the little Georgian skater Elene Gedevanishvili to do well. I'd also like one of the Japanese women to medal - Japan is medal-less at the time of this writing. I know I probably should cheer on Sasha Cohen, and I agree Cohen is talented - I just am kind of neutral toward her.

And last but not least on the sports....Hockey! I watched several of the games last weekend, and doubtless will watch more this weekend. Our women's team got the bronze! I wish I'd seen that game. I'm not sure who I like to go all the way in the men's, but it'll certainly be a Who's Who of the NHL!

I think what I like best about the Olympics is that there are so many countries represented, including ones you wouldn't expect. There are, for example, a Kenyan and Ethiopian cross-country skiers! Cross-country looks like it has a little bit of everyone, actually.

Hey, maybe that means even I could give cross-country skiing a try. Though not competitively!

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