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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Short Cut to Mushrooms

At long last, this wandering hobbit enroute to Rivendell has finally made it to...

...the edge of Farmer Maggot's turnip field. Yes, I am arguably the World's Slowest Hobbit - I've been on the Walk to Rivendell for several months and am just now at 61 miles. Slow progress, but at least it is progress. I do need to pick up the pace, though, if I hope to celebrate Christmas in Rivendell!

In other news, I have officially been Double Dog Dared! Two online friends got wind of my love of historical fiction, and have double-dog-dared to read Dorothy Dunnett's Niccolo Rising. Neither of them could finish it, and I accepted their challenge. But I have to wait, though - DsD ran off with it after I explained the dare! I do look forward to the challenge, though.

At this rate, I may well finish it before I get to Rivendell.....

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