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Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm walkin', yes indeed!

The astute observer may have noticed an addition to my 2006 goals recently. I've decided to add the Walk to Rivendell to my goals for the year. At the moment, I'm 47.5 miles into the 458 mile trek, but I hope to make it to Rivendell to ring in the new year. With a vacation that will likely involve a fair bit of walking coming up this summer, this should be an attainable goal.

I've also had a weigh and measure at Curves this past week, and while I didn't make my goal of last year, I know how far I have to go for this year. And I lost 0.8% body fat since November, which makes me pretty happy. Not bad at all, especially considering that counted the holidays, with plenty of good food and drink to be had!

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