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Thursday, December 22, 2005

What comes from one wild ride...

There was once a young woman, not an overly adventurous one, who once in her life took a wild and crazy chance.

This young woman hopped on her subway and rode down to the airport (it's now known as Reagan National, but it wasn't then). And there, she accepted a marriage proposal from a total stranger.

Well, perhaps not total. She had conversed with said stranger on the Internet, back in a day and age when most of the country had never *heard* of the Internet. And so for six months after the fateful meeting at the airport, this young woman and her beau had to explain to people what the Internet was.

And fifteen years ago today, that young woman (who, in case you had not yet figured out, is yours truly) stood before God and man and swore to be this stranger's wife until death tore them asunder.

It's been an interesting ride, but I'm glad for that fifteen years and I hope for at least as many more.

Happy Anniversary, DH!

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