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Saturday, October 22, 2005

To-ga! To-ga!

Well, this is certainly a season for the records. For the first time ever, they've had to go onto the Greek names for tropical storms. As of the 5pm update, there is now a Tropical Storm Alpha.

What I'm curious about is what the World Meteorological Organization would do if they have to retire a Greek storm name - do they just skip that one? Go to a different alphabet? Granted, since storms have been named, this is the first that there was even a *need* to go Greek, so I doubt it's a real pressing issue. And God willing, there won't be a need to retire a Greek name.

We're still keeping our eyes on Wilma here, and are glad we're not in Cancun (not that I have any burning desire to go there anyway). Throughout the day, the computer models are showing the projected path going northward, and at the moment we're located between two of the model paths. We haven't done our shutters yet, although the accordions won't take long. I have a feeling we'll be putting up storm panels tomorrow, depending on what the 11pm update says.

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