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Monday, September 19, 2005

A weekend for the birds...

The weekend here at Alternate Dementia started with a new addition - DD now has a budgie, and is ecstatic to be no longer among the ranks of the petless. The budgie, a pretty pale blue specimen named Angel, is still adapting to being away from all her(?) budgie friends and among these strange huge wingless creatures that make weird noises. A bird is a good compromise pet - more interactive than fish, without quite as much potential for mess and destruction as a furry pet. We've been talking to Angel, but other than the occasional chirp, she hasn't been particularly loquacious yet.

Otherwise, it was a relaxing weekend. I got a bit further on Last Supper, and watched a fair bit of football.

Pressure cookers are wonderful things - they allow even a mediocre cook like myself to make a good pot roast. Pot roast isn't really difficult at all in a pressure cooker - brown the meat, add your veggies and some water and put the lid on the cooker. When it seals up and starts steaming a lot, put the dancing thingy on top and let it dance for 45 minutes. Remove from heat, let it depressurize, and there you go.

Just don't put onion skins down the garbage disposal. I spent probably half an hour with my hand down in the disposal picking the skins out of the holes at the bottom to declog my sink!

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