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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How to be a meanie

I am a meanie. Or so DD claims.

Yesterday when I picked her up from afterschool care, she wanted to stop for fast food on the way home. I told her no - Tuesday is the only weeknight when the entire family is home at a reasonable hour so we were going to eat at home. She insisted she was hungry now, and that if she didn't get food now that her tummy was going to hurt for a week. I stood by my 'no', and in the course of about 5 minutes, her threatened level of hunger went from "tummy hurting for a week" to "my tummy will hurt FOREVER, even after I'm dead!".

At which point I made the mistake of chuckling. She got offended and called me a "big fat meanie". (Which had nothing to do with my weight - she calls her rather svelte older sister a "big fat meanie" too sometimes.)

Another chuckle from me earned me a tearful promotion from her to "DOUBLE fat meanie!". She was pretty quiet the rest of the drive home and took a nap (without the threatened gastric implosion) so she was probably just tired and cranky.

So I am a "double fat meanie". Although maybe not quite double - I had a weigh-in at Curves yesterday, and I've lost 3 pounds this past month for a total of 9 since the end of June! So that makes me a "double less-fat meanie!"

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