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Monday, September 12, 2005

Dog-gone weekend

It was a weekend for happy endings.

Our temporary dog George has found a new home, with a family with several children. They came over with George's owner to have a look, and when George was just standing there obviously loving life while being dogpiled by several shortlings, everyone knew this was it. He's with a family who will shower him with attention, the kids get a very loving (if somewhat stupid) pet, and we're back to normal after the educational experience of determining a dog is not in our cards right now.

DD hasn't been taking it very well, though. Her betta, Violet, died on Friday (he was pretty old as far as bettas go), and then George going away has left her pet-less. We may explore other pet options in the future.

Other than the mass pet exodus at Alternate Dementia, life has been going well. Georgia Tech is now 2-0 and is ranked #16, although he and I both have serious beef with the coaching: when you're up by 13 with 5 minutes left in the game, and you have arguably the best running back in the ACC, you do *not* call pass plays, especially on 3 consecutive possessions! Note to Gailey: you should call running plays to run down the clock.

Minor football drama aside, I got plenty more stitching done on Last Supper over the weekend. At least Matthew is no longer talking to the wall, and I'm getting excited about the end being in sight.

And this weekend was a great one for mail. Between three people, I got a tin of Vanilla Earl Grey tea, two bags of Thorntons ginger chocolates, three Sudoku books, several cross-stitch patterns and a variety of other goodies. One would think it was my birthday or something!

And today I made some good headway on parish web updates I needed to do, and balanced the checkbook. Time to take a break and go stitch!

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