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Monday, May 30, 2005

Time for a breather...

The past week or so has been a bit of a whirlwind - between graduations for DsD (high school) and DD (kindergarten), a birthday, and visitors in town, it's been somewhat hectic to say the least. Although for the most part it has been fun.

I am on the last day of a four-day weekend, in which I was able to get some much-needed relaxation (read: sleeping in!) DsS came over Friday and Saturday, and on Saturday we played Space Monopoly with gaming buddy J. I actually won, wonder of wonders...I don't believe I've ever won at Monopoly. Perhaps because I never played it much, since it's not exactly one of my favorite games. DD did a respectable showing, and enjoyed being the bank once she was out of the game. Putting those newfound counting skills to good use!

Sunday was pretty quiet, and I spent most of the day stitching and helping DH with his theology homework (if one could count serving as a sounding-board as help!). Today I once again tackled the disaster area that is DD's room, though there's some still left to do. Today's lesson: Never try to weed out a child's toys while said child is in the vicinity and likely to stumble upon the discard pile.

I did get about 10 hours in on Last Supper, though, so I have a progress pic to show off!

(Click for larger picture)

This is at 160 hours. My current projection is 275 hours to complete, which at my current rate of stitching will likely take me until the end of the year! But maybe now that all the school events and such are out of the way, I can make a bit better progress.

Though I also need to continue progress on The Great Decluttering...

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