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Friday, May 06, 2005

In Search Of....

Every once in a while Alternate Dementia gets visitors thanks to the collection of web search engines. It's pretty interesting to see some of the searches that reach me.

Hands down, the most common search that reaches me is "Mythbusters hovercraft". Not a surprise, really, since Mythbusters does get the occasional reference, and the hovercraft episode was really rather cool.

The largest genre of searches is, not surprisingly, cross-stitch related, looking for particular patterns, such as "marbek nativity" (seen this one several times) or designers such as "wessex collection".

Gaming occasionally makes an appearance. Earlier today, someone found me with "How to play Stratego". And one of these days, I'll actually learn how to play Stratego!

But there are other searches that really make me wonder...take a look at these:
  • "chocolate steak" recipes - Chocolate is good. Steak is good. Combining the two?? Maybe not a good idea.
  • the grapes of wrath alternate ending - Um...The Grapes of Wrath is a book. The author is dead. I don't think there *are* alternate endings... Well, perhaps in a movie version, but making up alternate endings to classic novels is just plain wrong. It'd be like having Romeo and Juliet ride off into the sunset. Or Gandalf and Sauron becoming golfing buddies.
  • Alternate Care Bears - Frankly, this one scares me. Would these be like the Garbage Pail Kids from the 80's? Or would they make those seem tame?
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