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Monday, May 09, 2005

The circle of life

This weekend addressed both ends of the path of life..

Saturday morning, we attended a funeral. The mother of DH and I's RCIA sponsors (who are brothers) passed away the day before her youngest grandchild's First Communion last week. DH was asked to cantor the Mass, but we would likely have attended even if he wasn't singing, because the brothers are family friends. I had never met the mother (or if I did, it was only in passing), but I got a little emotional. This was the fourth funeral I've attended within my memory, and only one of those was for family (my maternal grandmother back in '90). They never really get easier, especially since I have an unconscious tendency to reflect the emotions of those around me.

Sunday was, of course, Mother's Day, which takes us to birth. I got several nice cards from the kids. DsS came over for a bit, which was nice, and he and DsD gave me a gift certificate to my framer (which is the *only* place in the mall I'm likely to go to willingly!). I know exactly what I'll be using it for! DD cleaned up her room for me so I didn't have to, which was very nice. I've got a lot of cleanup to do in the next couple weeks, so every little bit helps. And I got to sit and stitch for a little bit, and we went to my favorite Irish place again for dinner. So all in all, it was a good Mother's Day.

Speaking of, I should call my mom again and see if her present arrived yet...

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