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Friday, January 28, 2005

Seasons in the sun..

Friday Forum 1/28/2005 - Weather
1) If you could choose any warm-weather or tropical destination for the *ultimate* winter getaway vacation, where would you choose and why? How would you spend your time while there? Do you have any winter vacation getaway plans this year?
Well, I *live* in a tropical destination, so I don't see the point in visiting one. Though if I have to pick, I'd go with the Mediterranean...I'd love to go back to Italy. While there we'd relax and sightsee, mostly historic or artistic interests.
We actually do have a little bit of winter vacation planned - DH is going to Germany on business in a few weeks, and the rest of us are tagging along for a long weekend. It has nothing to do with winter, though.

2) Would you prefer living in a place that had temperate weather all year round, or do you enjoy the change in seasons? What would be the perfect weather climate for you? Which season is your favorite?
I enjoy the change in seasons....unfortunately here in Florida (which I personally consider more tropical than temperate) doesn't have much variation. I'd like to see snow once in a while, maybe a couple times a year. My perfect climate would have a temperature range of maybe 20-80F over the course of the year, rarely getting above 80 and never above 90. Today's actually a good weather day here (except for being very overcast) - in the high 60's-low 70s, gentle breeze, a hint of moisture in the air. I wish we had more days like this.
My favorite season...tough call. I can tell you it's not summer! I like the beauty of early spring flowers, and of autumn leaves. I like the beauty of newfallen snow as well, which is a point in winter's favor. Summer to me, though, is heat, sunburn, and bugs!

3) Are you interested in weather? Do you ever watch the 24-hour weather channels? Have you taken any weather and climate classes? Would you ever want to be a "storm chaser" or a meteorologist?
Weather is rather fascinating, especially how and why certain weather phenomena develop. I've never taken any classes in it, but I have pestered my friendly neighborhood weather goddess. Especially during hurricane season!
Being in Florida, it's a given that I watch the Weather Channel, mostly during hurricane season. I've also watched weather-related specials on Discovery or the Learning Channel. I don't think I'd want to make a living as a storm chaser or hurricane hunter, but to ride along with them once or twice could be thrilling.

4) Do you think that thunderstorms are cool or scary? Were you ever afraid of thunderstorms as a child? Have you ever gone out and played in the rain? Does rain make you feel down, or do you love the rain?
Thunderstorms are a little of both. I love the lightning shows, and there's something invigorating about standing on my porch and feeling the concussion of thunder shivering through my bones. But here in the purported "lightning capital of the US", we also see a number of stories every year about people struck by lightning. So I watch from the relative safety of my porch, when I watch.
I used to be terrified of thunderstorms as a child, but where I grew up they were an infrequent but intense occurrence. DD, on the other hand, has been around frequent thunderstorms her entire life, and pays them very little mind.
As I got older I got more used to thunderstorms, and would go out and dance in the rain. Which in retrospect wasn't the wisest of ideas... I don't like to go out in the rain anymore - the rains here are much heavier than where I grew up, and are perhaps a bit salty. I don't find them as 'cleansing' as I did as a teen.
As to whether I love or hate the rain, that depends on how often it's been raining, how heavy, and whether or not I need to drive in it! The summer afternoon showers are nice, and provide a brief respite from the heat. Heavy rains I have to drive in, or that overflow my pool onto the back porch, are no fun.

5) Have you ever been in a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or other severe weather? What was it like?
I've been snowed in by blizzards, and ridden out several hurricanes. Preludes to hurricanes are both exciting and scary. Actual passage of the hurricane is a bit nervewracking, and aftermath is just a major annoyance, especially when the power is out. Blizzards are nice to watch from inside a nice warm house, but a pain to drive in. Definitely more fun for kids than adults.

I guess they call it "weather" because so many of my answers are whether I'm observing or fighting it!

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