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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Change is in the air...

You may notice a few cosmetic changes here at Alternate Dementia. Right now I'm only tweaking, but I hope to do a bit more of an overhaul at some point.

If you get any errors, or something just doesn't display right, please let me know. Any feedback on the new look would be appreciated as well.

I'm feeling a bit more back-to-normal today. Sympathetic grief is good because it reminds me that I'm still human, but it's also rough on both psyche and body. (Tiny salt droplets on my glasses don't help matters either). Life goes on, and I need to move with it.

Mythbusters was on last night, and I learned some rather interesting things about cars. For one, the old "sugar in the gas tank" doesn't really do anything. An egg in the radiator, however, will actually stop a leak. Not sure who first thought of that, but it apparently works. And it's always fun seeing Buster get trashed.
There are new Mythbusters episodes all next month - these should be good!

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