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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It's a small world after all...

This could either be a good or a bad start to the year: I've got a business trip next week, to the DC area. I don't travel all that much on business, mainly since DH travels a fair bit, but I generally try to make the most of it when I do. My last trip was about 6 months ago, to Ottawa, which was a lot of fun, and I met some fellow stitchers. This time, I'll be meeting up with at least one fellow stitcher one evening. I also have family in the area, so I'll be meeting up with them as well.

And hey, maybe I'll actually get to see snow? Probably not, but I can always hope!

Speaking of meeting up with folks, I did discover there's another stitcher from the boards who lives in my town! She actually works only a couple of miles from where I do, so we met for lunch at my favorite Irish place today and talked about kids, stitching, and framing. And it turns out she's very good friends with a woman who works in my same building. Small world, indeed. I also saw pictures of some of her framed pieces - I definitely need to get in touch with her framer....I bet her framer could do something grand with Last Supper when I finish it. And with the MarBek Nativity, when and if I ever get around to it...

I stayed up way late watching the Orange Bowl - USC crushed Oklahoma...by the end of the first quarter, it was obvious it was going to be a loooong night for the Sooner faithful. USC scored so often I suspected I would have the Trojan fight song stuck in my head for days.

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