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Monday, January 17, 2005

Blackmarket chocolate?

Chocolate is, apparently, a controlled substance.

I heard from a friend of mine in Canada today that she'd tried to send me a package before the holidays. She'd filled out the FDA Prior Notification form and such for it, but today she got it back in her mailbox with a "Return to Sender - Contraband enclosed".
Turns out the 'contraband' was a box of Nestle Smarties that she'd inadvertently left off the Prior Notification form. A box of Smarties..

Now, the official word is that chocolate has an x-ray signature very similar to that of explosives. (There may be some truth to this - I've been stopped at airport security for chocolate in my carry-on...). Hence the "Prior Notification" form. But I have another theory.

It's a conspiracy by American chocolate manufacturers to make it difficult to get our hands on decent chocolate!

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