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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Back to the grind...

I'm back home now, and have been getting caught up with domestrivia, sleep, and football. I haven't stitched yet, but I'll be picking it up right after I finish this entry.

Thursday night I met a fellow stitcher for dinner. We had a good time, and she surprised me with a package from my Secret Stitcher! I got several charts, a piece of PictureThisPlus "Echo" Belfast, a cryptically labeled "Part 2" (to go with the previous "Part 1", but I have no idea what it's for yet), and the crown jewel - a pair of Dovo needlework scissors with a beaded scissor fob! The fob has clear and green beads, and silver knotwork beads. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I thought for sure my jaw was going to be left in the hotel lobby!

Here's the haul:

and the Dovos:

I'm so spoiled.....

Friday afternoon I flew home. No major issues with that - all the flights were on time and I got home shortly after 11pm. So Saturday I slept in for a while. DH was singing at the vigil Mass Saturday night, so we went to church and then went out to dinner because DsD got straight A's (go her!). So today has mostly been relaxing. The girls are off school tomorrow, but DH and I have to work. At least we'll get Friday off.

So that's my life since my last entry. I did finish The Red Tent and am over half-finished with Sarah Zettel's The Usurper's Crown - a fantasy novel that's a prequel to her A Sorcerer's Treason. I'm enjoying it so far, and since I've said I'll average a book a month, I'm already caught up through March!

Much of work was sitting around, and I was inspired (if such is the right word) to do up a smiley:

Not sure it captures the sheer ennui I felt at points, but it's an attempt.

On a pleasant (and tasty!) note, I discovered a new Altoids flavor - Raspberry Sours. Yum! I love raspberry, and back in July, I blogged about Altoids. So I got myself a tin, and they are very good. I certainly recommend them!

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