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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Our goose is cooked....

...and eaten, in fact. Neither DH nor I have ever had goose before, but we decided that goose would be a cool main dish. Being traditional, and all that. We did a modified version of a roast goose with port gravy recipe I found on Food Network. It turned out VERY well, even if it was a lot of work. DH, the resident gravy guru, made the port gravy, which was delicious. He did comment, though, that were he to make it again, he'd not add the water it calls for - the gravy was a bit thin by our standards. Not that it stopped us from putting it on everything gravy-able. Right now we're letting dinner settle before we tackle the Baileys cheesecake.

It has been a very good day. DD was very well behaved at Midnight Mass, and even stayed awake through the whole thing. We got home around 2am, and didn't really get to bed until after 3. DsS surprised us at 9:30 this morning, bearing gifts and a rather large teddybear for DD. After opening presents, DsS and DsD went to their mom's for Christmas lunch. They came home and DH, DsS and I played LotRisk while preparing dinner. The kids are all watching Mr. Holland's Opus right now (DsD's present from her little sis), and we'll all watch Return of the King in a bit.

I am mildly jealous of a woozle wrangling friend who actually had a white Christmas. In South Texas. I know the chances of snow are astronomically low here, but I'd still like to see it once in a while. What's bad is that I actually dreamt last night that it snowed here, and I was running around with a digicam taking pictures because nobody would believe me. Oh well. I will probably be heading north on business in a few weeks, and I'm sure I'll be sick of snow after that.

DH got me Paint Shop Pro 9 for Christmas!! I'm very excited - I've been playing around with it off and on all day. There are a lot of features I need to figure out, but hopefully soon I'll be making my own animated images! Much better than MSPaint!

Ah, and here comes the cheesecake. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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