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Thursday, November 11, 2004


So the cold that ambushed me a couple weeks ago still seems to be lingering around. I've had a bit of a cough over the past two weeks but no other symptoms. Until yesterday, when the congestion decided to put in another appearance. (And true to form, the coughing is pretty much gone...).

Today I have been besieged by sneezing fits. I had one earlier today that lasted for a good five minutes, and by the end my shoulders were aching from sneezing so hard. And I just finished up another one right before I sat down to type this.

What I really dislike is sneezing while I'm driving. Especially since you have to close your eyes when you sneeze, it being a reflex and all. I'm concerned someone's going to pull out in front of me or hit their brakes or someone will dart into the road during that split second my eyes are closed.

I had a sneezing fit attack while I was driving DD home from school, and it was a real struggle trying to hold back the sneeze until we were stopped at a light, and I couldn't quite manage it every time. Fortunately I didn't hit anything or anybody, but I sneezed more often than I really cared to.

Good thing I have off work tomorrow - I've got a steamy date with Nyquil planned tonight.

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