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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Tricks and treats...

My apologies for being blogquiet the past few days. The cold mentioned in my last entry pretty much knocked me out on Friday. I had tried to go by the early-voting place after dropping DD off at school, but the line was horrendously long and I decided that waiting for 3 hours when I could barely stand upright wouldn't be the wisest course of action. So I went back home and slept most of the day.

Thursday evening DH and DsD had driven up to Jacksonville to see David Byrne in concert (and see my SIL). I'd let DsD go in my stead because she hadn't seen her aunt in a while, and with me being under the weather it was just as well. My inlaws were also there, and they came down Friday and yesterday. (I guess the good thing about being ill is that I wasn't expected to have cleaned house or be particularly sociable.) By Saturday I was at least on my feet, but still had periodic bouts of energy-drain. Today so far has been much of the same. At least I'm catching up on sleep.

DsD and maybe her BF are going to take DD trick-or-treating tonight - I'll just stay home and dole out the candy. I haven't had time to make the scratching-post costume, so I'll probably unearth something from my costume box.

Happy Halloween!

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