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Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Just under 16 days until we leave for our trip to Europe. My mind is already cluttered with the thousand domestrivial details of getting ready - what to pack, what services to suspend...

And how to keep a 5-year-old occupied on a trip full of mostly adults. There will be 9 of us staying at a house in the country, and everyone except DD is an adult or close enough for practical purposes. We'll be doing some sightseeing, which hopefully she'll enjoy, and this trip will be more laid-back in pace than previous trips.

But still, I don't want her to be bored. I'm packing cards, and I got a small dry-erase board (couldn't find a Magic Slate thing) for her to draw on. Right now she's really into drawing and trying to write, so I hope that will be a success. I'll bring a couple of books, for her and for me. But I don't want to overpack, either - vehicular space for luggage is a potential issue.

So...any other suggestions as to what would be good to bring?

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